Sunday, September 16, 2012

Teen Idol, BREJÉ, joins forces with Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation

Karen Klein, the globally recognized bus monitor from upstate New York has now joined forces with 15 year old Universal Music Group recording artist, BREJÉ and his No Bullies™ program ( to help spearhead a national anti-bullying campaign to end cyber bullying.  The aim is to collectively help develop resolutions for this global epidemic one state, then one country at a time.

The first phase of their newly formed alliance will be a road trip called the Anti-Bully Tour that will canvas America beginning in Myrtle Beach, SC on October 5th, 2012.  The tour will visit youth organizations, grade schools, camps & other supportive venues to spread its anti-bully messages.

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After each event, attendees will be able to meet & greet BREJÉ (and other artists), ask questions related to bullying, and leave with a supportive music Dropcard inspiring them to hold their heads up in the face of adversity.
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