Monday, September 17, 2012

New music from Artists Against Bullying powered by Dropcards

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So many around the world have been anxious to find out what the bullied grandmother was going to do with the excess of $700,000 donated on her behalf from over 80 different countries.

“My foundation is not about reinventing the wheel. The intent is to utilize this money to support great organizations that are already fighting the fight against bullying. Along with Chris Surrey and Project54Tour, we will develop some new material and create new events that will take the anti-bullying movement further than ever”, explains Karen Klein.

One of the first projects created is a not-for-profit CD project entitled ‘Bullying Behavior In America: Words Do Hurt, Vol. 1’ that brings together songs from world-renowned and local talent from a variety of genres to help spread the message and improve the quality of life for our youth and young adults.

Musical artists Beau Badrick, Adam Web, NATEKid, Marckel Robinson, Still Saffire and Testimony are amongst the myriad of performers on the CD.  Already, the anti-bullying song created by BREJÉ called Facebook Lover, has garnered the attention of 

The single and music video tells the story of a male teen that has a crush on a classmate and how this fondness is communicated through interaction on Facebook, today's most used platform for communications for youth across the United States.
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