Monday, September 17, 2012

You Gave, I Received, I'm Returning.

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October is Pacer Center's anti-bullying prevention month.

In light of recent events, our Artists Against Bullying family and friends have shown their support for putting an end to bullying by teaming up with Play Pretty, Play Pals Project and various campaigns, including JNFE's No Bully Tour 2012, Breje's No Bullies™ program, Miss Teen USA 2012 Logan West's 'Bully Proof: Empowering Children Today to Stop Bullying Tomorrow' anti-bullying initiative, and others.

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New music from Artists Against Bullying powered by Dropcards

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So many around the world have been anxious to find out what the bullied grandmother was going to do with the excess of $700,000 donated on her behalf from over 80 different countries.

“My foundation is not about reinventing the wheel. The intent is to utilize this money to support great organizations that are already fighting the fight against bullying. Along with Chris Surrey and Project54Tour, we will develop some new material and create new events that will take the anti-bullying movement further than ever”, explains Karen Klein.

One of the first projects created is a not-for-profit CD project entitled ‘Bullying Behavior In America: Words Do Hurt, Vol. 1’ that brings together songs from world-renowned and local talent from a variety of genres to help spread the message and improve the quality of life for our youth and young adults.

Musical artists Beau Badrick, Adam Web, NATEKid, Marckel Robinson, Still Saffire and Testimony are amongst the myriad of performers on the CD.  Already, the anti-bullying song created by BREJÉ called Facebook Lover, has garnered the attention of 

The single and music video tells the story of a male teen that has a crush on a classmate and how this fondness is communicated through interaction on Facebook, today's most used platform for communications for youth across the United States.

Give a child a Play Pretty, Play Pals book

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The Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation currently has 4,000 Play Pretty & Play Pals books available for purchase through its website, the sale of which will help bring more awareness to the Anti-Bullying campaign and generate funding support for our educational content program.

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Each book is a $20 gift and we're encouraging children's book lovers, musicians, teachers, principals, faith leaders, elected officials, corporations, and anyone who's involved in our children lives to purchase a single book, bulks of 25 to 250, or the entire stock to support our campaign.

Anti-Bullying Children Books

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Teen Idol, BREJÉ, joins forces with Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation

Karen Klein, the globally recognized bus monitor from upstate New York has now joined forces with 15 year old Universal Music Group recording artist, BREJÉ and his No Bullies™ program ( to help spearhead a national anti-bullying campaign to end cyber bullying.  The aim is to collectively help develop resolutions for this global epidemic one state, then one country at a time.

The first phase of their newly formed alliance will be a road trip called the Anti-Bully Tour that will canvas America beginning in Myrtle Beach, SC on October 5th, 2012.  The tour will visit youth organizations, grade schools, camps & other supportive venues to spread its anti-bully messages.

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After each event, attendees will be able to meet & greet BREJÉ (and other artists), ask questions related to bullying, and leave with a supportive music Dropcard inspiring them to hold their heads up in the face of adversity.

Friday, September 14, 2012

An NBC Exclusive: Booking Producer Confirms Karen Klein Appearance back on The TODAY Show

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I hope all is well. It was nice meeting with you yesterday. Wanted to let you know that I confirmed – Thursday, October 4th will work on this end as well for the exclusive interview with Karen. As discussed, we would like to have Karen with the tour bus on the Plaza to kick off the tour. Hopefully we will have an opportunity to shoot some b-roll with Karen in her hometown prior to the live segment.

When the producer is assigned I will put you in touch to go over logistics.

Talk soon – thanks for all your help – we’re looking forward to having Karen back on TODAY!

Have a great weekend,

Katie Distler
Booking Producer

Context with Lorna Dueck Interviews Karen Klein & Max Sidorov

Have we got anti-bullying right? When a YouTube video of grade 7 boys taunting and tormenting their bus monitor went viral, we all became aware of Karen Klein's story. Karen joins Context with Lorna Dueck along with her online good Samaritan, Max Sidorov, who started an online donation fund to send Karen on vacation - and now as her happily retiring with $700,000+.

Bullying expert, Barbara Coloroso also sits on the white chair to discuss what bullying is and how to prevent it and Senator Don Meredith shares why he's passionate about raising awareness for anti-bullying and anti-violence. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Karen Klein, Bullied Bus Monitor to Receive $700,000 Cheque in Toronto

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Karen Klein, the bullied school bus monitor in a video that went viral will receive a big cheque in Toronto from Max Sidorov for over $700,000 - proceeds from Sidorov's online campaign sparked by the video.

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Sidorov aimed initially to raise $5,000 to send Karen on "the vacation of a lifetime." The event will launch a new campaign to prevent bullying though access to free counseling and media initiatives like LOVE IS MOVING, a new youth television program to air in Canada and the U.S.

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Octoberfest kicks off with anti-bullying concert

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On Friday October 5th 2012, Karen Klein will be showcasing the first phase of her new Anti-Bullying Foundation in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Six musical acts take the stage at 7pm and come together to give a free concert. This event will open up the famous Octoberfest weekend. The Bowery and Oceanfront Merchant’s association have opened their doors for the opportunity to bring this positive event to the stage in front of The Bowery on 110 9th Street and Ocean Boulevard.

Along with Karen Klein’s appearance & support, the musicians will perform original anti-bullying songs and offer a compilation CD in order to raise awareness for the new Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation. Proceeds go to help assist bullying programs across America in elementary schools and other youth oriented programs. 

The performing artists for this year’s event are actor/rapper NateKid, R&B artist MarcKel, Gospel rapper Testimony, Pop singer Adam Web, the all-girl teen pop band Still Saffire, Grammy nominated pop artist Beau Badrick and musical philanthropist Mr. JNFE.  It is hosted by MTV’s Made coach Bobbi Jo Kitchen.  The tour will visit different states throughout the entire month of Pacer’s Bullying Prevention month and deliver public service announcements along the route of its tour.
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