Thursday, June 6, 2013

Macmillan Children's Publishing Group Encourages Kids, Teens, & Adults To 'Be A Buddy, Not A Bully

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Yesterday, the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying foundation officially joined forces with Macmillan's Children's Publishing Group to introduce a national anti-bullying awareness educational program called 'Be A Buddy, Not A Bully' to help provide bullying prevention education in schools, at home, and throughout our communities.

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As part of the launch, we had the honor of working with Keia Clarke, Manager of Promotions & Fan Development for the NY Liberty to introduce our educational program book display during their annual anti-bullying rally 'School Day' event being held at the Prudential Center.  The basketball game (NY Liberty vs. Indiana Fever) brought together 5,000+ students from Newark, NJ to take part in a half-time cyberbullying discussion with Miss New York 2011 Kaitlin Monte.

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The event also featured a "free" educational content giveaway with former Ford Escape Routes reality TV stars/models & college division 1 basketball players Chekesha Johnson & Tiffany Jackson, 15 year old Universal recording artist & Teen Spokesperson for the Foundation Breje; MCPG award-winning authors Matt Davies & Nick Bruel; seasoned songwriter & children storybook-music artist Ron Surrey; and our own bullied bus monitor Karen Klein.

With the support of our network of authors, illustrators, music artists, celebrities, athletes, city officials, community leaders, and corporate sponsors, we were able to film the last chapter of the 'Bullying Behavior In America' documentary project.

Thank you Karen, Amanda, Elizabeth, Ellen, Audrey, Robby, Mariel, Kelly, Molly, Jaime, Liz S., Marie, Kelsey, Nick, Matt, Ron, Tiffany, Chekesha, Breje, Seema, Donovan, Alexandria, Matti, Patrick, Fabio, Cameron, Mallie, Charles, Keia, Hasim, and the entire WNBA NY Liberty 'School Day' event team for helping us make a difference in the world...One child at a time! :-)

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Meet Illustrator Nick Bruel, author and illustrator of, among other books, BAD KITTY, POOR PUPPY, BAD KITTY GETS A BATH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BAD KITTY, BAD KITTY VS. UNCLE MURRAY, and now BAD KITTY SCHOOL DAZE.

The reason we chose Bad Kitty School Daze to be the perfect tie-in to an anti-bullying message for kids is because Bad Kitty and Puppy had to go to obedience school for fighting.

Thank you Nick for sharing your story and allowing us to take your latest book from the shelves to the classrooms.

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Meet Cartoonist Matt Davies, Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist for Tribune Media Services and The Hearst Newspaper Group in Connecticut.

Ben Rides On is the first ever children's picture book from our award-winning cartoonist and bullying prevention advocate Matt Davies.

Thank you Matt for helping us to inspire young readers and listeners a like to rally behind a worthy book.
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