Tuesday, June 19, 2012


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Hi, my name is Karen Klein. As many of you know, I am the woman who was bullied on the school bus in upstate NY. That experience was one of the worst acts of human behavior that I have ever had to endure. But just weeks after I was bullied and the YouTube video went viral, a man I never even met decided to do one simple act of love. Max Sidorov, out of the goodness of his heart, decided to raise money through a social media campaign that would enable me to take a vacation.

My story inspired more than 32,000 people to engage in their own act of love by donating to a fundraising campaign created by Max for my support. As you probably know, together we raised a lot more money than what I needed to go on vacation. 32,000 people around the world raised $703,873 for my behalf. It has changed my life forever. Now, I am not only going on vacation, but I am able to retire and take care of my family.

You have all inspired me by your acts of love. But now it is time for me to give back and to turn your single act of kindness into my own personal movement to stop bullying in America. The Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation, which I am seeding with $75,000, will be the gathering point for millions of people to support the anti-bullying movement. Together, we will change the world.

Let’s dream big, really big! The Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation is launching a music tour to combat anti-bullying. We are calling this the No Bully Tour 2012 awareness campaign. If we were able to raise $700,000 for one person (me), I am sure we can raise thousands more for kids who are bullied every day.

Mission of The Foundation

The goal of the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation is to help teach kids and teens about being kind, friendly, and playing nicely with others.

One of the most important skills young children should learn before they attend school is the ability to interact with their peers in a friendly and positive manner.

In an effort to reinforce this message, the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation will help introduce educational content on the subject of anti-bullying into schools across the nation.

The Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation will focus on four main initiatives:

• Develop new media assets that will serve the cause of anti-bullying
• Create educational curriculum that will teach about Bullying and what each of us can do to stop it
• Support great organizations that are bringing awareness to the anti-bullying movement
• Provide Funds for anti-bullying counseling in schools across the country and around the world

The Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation is not about reinventing the wheel. We are raising this money to support great organizations that are already fighting the fight against bullying.

In addition, along with Chris Surrey and Project54Tour, we will develop some new material and create new events that will take the anti-bullying movement further than ever. All the money that is raised through the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation will support projects that everyone can follow. Any money that is granted from the foundation will be given to causes that support our mission.
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